We are Guild members united to build a better union.


I’m Susan DeCarava and I’m running for president of the NewsGuild of New York. 

I’m Anthony Napoli and I’m running for Guild secretary-treasurer. 

We have assembled an incredible team of Guild members who are all committed to making our union stronger. Meet them here!

Between the two of us, we have 45 years of experience fighting for Guild members. We have bargained for strong contracts, improved working conditions, laid the groundwork for a strategic contract program, supported numerous organizing campaigns, and developed robust member programming. Now is the time to expand all of these efforts unionwide and make them standard practice in our Guild.

Our entire team understands that members are this union’s greatest asset. It’s not enough to say we’re member-driven, we have to actually be member-driven. Let’s set the agenda for how we prepare for the future and the challenges we might face together. 

Guild leadership must govern by democratic principles, including executive-level transparency. You and your Guild colleagues are entitled to a voice in determining the direction and priorities for our future so we can effectively leverage our power to advance everyone’s professional and economic interests. 

The media industry is constantly evolving and we all want the same thing —a vibrant, active Guild that is primed for the realities of a rapidly shifting industry. In order to achieve that, we need:

  • Leaders who think proactively to develop powerful agendas to move us forward.

  • Leaders who plan comprehensive, smart strategies to meet the challenges of the future.

  • Leaders who include members in governance and planning with transparency and integrity. 

Guild members create the content on which the entire media industry runs. All members, whatever their role, face immense pressure to produce work faster and across more platforms. That means Guild leadership must be prepared for companies that are aggressively testing new business models on the back of our members, looking to see what will “stick” when it comes to increasing profits and corporate value. 

It’s time to think strategically about how the Guild can sustain and expand our recent growth. While we continue to organize new workers into our union, we can at the same time strengthen our ranks from within by training future leaders and engaging all of our members. 

Working collaboratively, we can create a stable and strong foundation for the future.

The bottom line is that you deserve leaders who will deliver competency, good judgment, and a plan to fulfill a shared vision of a more perfect Union.

This is why we ask for your vote. We’re  here to lead the Guild with integrity, transparency,  strategy, hard work, and courage. We’re here, just like you, for our collective future. 

Let’s get to work.

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Meet the team

Get to know Susan and the slate of members running for office on the Guild Forward team!


the issues

Learn about the issues facing the union and how we plan to address them.